In 1998 Australia's best selling sports shoe, the Dunlop Volley was relaunched with all the features that Australians have always loved about their favourite volleys.

The birth of the Dunlop Volley dates back to 1939 and was inspired by Australian tennis legend Adrian Quist. Before long the Dunlop Volley was in production and the herringbone soled shoe, retailing at just 25 shillings (approximately $2.50) became an instant best seller.


The Dunlop Volley caused a sensation in tennis circles with its innovative design. Now more than 60 years later, 20 million pairs of Dunlop Volleys have been sold, making it Australia's biggest selling sports shoe.

With the range featuring the Dunlop Volley International, Dunlop Volley Classic, all shoes feature the comfort of a slim fitting shoe with fantastic grip and support.

While the Dunlop Volley International is the successor to the original Volley and features the comfort of a slim fitting shoe with the high performing herringbone sole, the Classic is suited to the demanding sports and fashion customer.

The Classic range draws upon the heritage of the Volley, in traditional canvas (black and white) it boasts a new rubber compound and the unique herringbone sole, resulting in better grip. The Classic Volley is also fully lined with Visa Terry for better sweat absorbtion and a new removable and improved rubber insole.


A fashion statement to shock yourself for summer! Newtown is available in three 'look at me" colours, blue, yellow and orange. Newtown provides the comfort of a running shoe with the look you want for summer dance parties and streetwear.